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Multipurpose Bag Arsax

Multipurpose Bag Arsax - Orange
Practical, waterproof multi purpose bag XL size. In PVC of transparent finish, with surface and with watertight lock. Flap with matching color velcro closure and carrying string with adjustment accessory. Waterproof. Touch Screen

Bag Cuper

Bag Cuper - White
Non-woven bag with string closure, especially designed to keep and protect backpacks.

Bag Kiping

Bag Kiping - White
Polyester sachet with soft body in bright and varied colors. With string closure.

Multipurpose Bag Idolf

Multipurpose Bag Idolf - White
Multi purpose, soft knitted bag in elastic polyester, in bright tones and with matching color adjustable carrying strap.

Bag Harin

Bag Harin - White
Non-woven bread bag in 90g/m2, in bright tones and with matching color drawstring closure. Stitched finishing.

Bag Hidra

Bag Hidra - Grey
Velvet sachet with body of smooth finish in bright and varied colors. With matching color ribbon closure.

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Multipurpose Bag Yobok

Multipurpose Bag Yobok - White
Multi purpose bag in non-woven of varied and cheerful colors, with XL size pocket. Matching color piping and shoulder strap.

Multipurpose Bag Pooler

Multipurpose Bag Pooler - Orange
Multi purpose bag with zipper closure in soft shell and in bright tones. With buckle closure carrying belt, removable closure belt and rear outlet for headphones. Front printing area.

Multipurpose Bag Clotin

Multipurpose Bag Clotin - White
Waterproof multi purpose PVC bag in a bold bicolor design, with surface and built-in holder. Touch Screen

Multipurpose Bag Dusky

Multipurpose Bag Dusky - Orange
Multi purpose, LDPE material case in bright tones. With transparent window and hermetic sealing.
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