Wineskin 1L

Wineskin 1L
1l wineskin in split leather. With screw-on safety cap and shoulder strap. Approved for food usage. Food Grade Certified

Timer Revey

Timer Revey - White
Analogical timer in an original oval design with body in bright and bright tones. Up to 60 minutes time and presented in an attractive design box.

Kitchen Set Hiwa

Kitchen Set Hiwa - White
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Kitchen set with table and knife in a wide range of bright tones. Table in resistant flexible material with handle for easy handling. Knife with translucent blade and ergonomic die-cut handle. 2 Pieces. Flexible Board

Fondue Kenux

Fondue Kenux - Black
Ceramic fondue of 2 services with metal trenchers. In fun bicolor design in a wide range of tones and presented in an individual box. 2 Services

Cool Bag Kranch

Cool Bag Kranch - Black
Multi purpose cooler bag in resistant 600D polyester, brightly colored and with two independent zippered compartments. With die-cut handle and hermetic inside lunch box of 1,5l capacity. Isothermal inside in PVC finish. Airtight Container 1500 ml Included

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Air Freshener Pranger

Air Freshener Pranger - Ocean
Original lamp design freshener. In a 40ml jar and available in ocean, lemon and strawberry scents. 40 ml

Corkscrew Nolix

Corkscrew Nolix - White
Fun magnetic corkscrew with the shape of a wine bottle in white, red and rose wine designs. With body in an original translucent finish and opening function. Magnetic

Kitchen Tongs Kranp

Kitchen Tongs Kranp - Green
Kitchen tongs with metal body and accessories in bright tones. With folding accessory.

Mold Set Thade

Mold Set Thade - Red
Set of 2 pieces ice cream moulds in a wide range of different colors. With comfortable handle and support tray. 2 Pieces
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