Bottle Boxter

Bottle Boxter - White
400ml capacity bottle with flexible, PET material body in vivid colors. Screw-on safety cap and matching color, metal, carrying carabiner. 400 ml

Bubbles Bujass

Bubbles Bujass - Green
Cheerful soap bubble maker in a varied range of bright tones, with skill game integrated in cover. For 2 pump sizes. Liquid not included. Refillable. Liquid Not Included

Pen Nicky

Pen Nicky - Green
Fun ball pen light bulb with soft body in bright transparent colors. With rubber ball torch with matching color light that is activated by dropping the pen on a consistent surface. Matching color hood in blue ink. 1 Led. Button Batteries Included

Pen Ximor

Pen Ximor - Apple
Original fruit ball pen with body in soft glossy finish, in bright tones and with matching color hood. Black ink. Black Ink

Set Laptan

Set Laptan - White
Set of 4 pieces with 3 wooden pencils with round body in bright finish, cheerful colors, with black lead, and a 15cm transparent ruler with metric system in centimeters/inches. Presented in a matching color cardboard box with thread closure. 4 Pieces

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Foldable Drawstring Bag Kissa

Foldable Drawstring Bag Kissa - White
Drawstring backpack for children, in 190T polyester with a cheerful animal design and in a wide range of tones. With carrying handle, self closing strings and matching color side reinforcements. Small folding size in the shape of animals, with matching color string and adjustment accessory.

Goal Post Zubigol

Goal Post Zubigol - White
Colorful and fun folding goal in a combination of resistant nylon and netting. With comfortable carrying bag with handles. Foldable

Pen Pump

Pen Pump - Red
Fun ball pen for soap bubbles in fun colors. With lanyard and matching color cap. Blue ink. Liquid not included. Refillable. Liquid Not Included

Whiteboard Learning

Whiteboard Learning - Red
Board in a wide range of bright tones. With die-cut for marker in frame (magnetic marker with eraser included). Felt Tip Pen and Eraser Included

Set Palty

Set Palty - White
Set of 6 wooden pencils with hexagonal body of glossy finish and mines in blue, pink, black, red, yellow and green. With pencil sharpener built-in in the hood and presented in a colorful cardboard box. 7 Pieces
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