Kid Drawings

Pen Nicky

Pen Nicky - Orange
Fun ball pen light bulb with soft body in bright transparent colors. With rubber ball torch with matching color light that is activated by dropping the pen on a consistent surface. Matching color hood in blue ink. 1 Led. Button Batteries Included

Pen Ximor

Pen Ximor - Orange
Original fruit ball pen with body in soft glossy finish, in bright tones and with matching color hood. Black ink. Black Ink

Set Laptan

Set Laptan - White
Set of 4 pieces with 3 wooden pencils with round body in bright finish, cheerful colors, with black lead, and a 15cm transparent ruler with metric system in centimeters/inches. Presented in a matching color cardboard box with thread closure. 4 Pieces

Pen Pump

Pen Pump - Red
Fun ball pen for soap bubbles in fun colors. With lanyard and matching color cap. Blue ink. Liquid not included. Refillable. Liquid Not Included

Whiteboard Learning

Whiteboard Learning - Red
Board in a wide range of bright tones. With die-cut for marker in frame (magnetic marker with eraser included). Felt Tip Pen and Eraser Included

Set Palty

Set Palty - White
Set of 6 wooden pencils with hexagonal body of glossy finish and mines in blue, pink, black, red, yellow and green. With pencil sharpener built-in in the hood and presented in a colorful cardboard box. 7 Pieces

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Pen Tidil

Pen Tidil - Bear
Ball pen in an original Christmas design with body in glossy metallic finish. Available in Santa Claus, reindeer and teddy bear designs. With blue ink.

Pencil Lirex

Pencil Lirex - Red
Original wooden pencil with Christmas design. Round body in bright red with Christmas motifs on top. Unsharpened tip.

Sharpener Longi

Sharpener Longi - Red
Original removable pencil sharpener with container design in bright tones and smooth body finish.

Pencil Case Celes

Pencil Case Celes - Orange
Classic zipper case with cylindrical design in resistant 600D polyester. With practical carrying handle and matching color zipper.

Pen Basley

Pen Basley - White
Ball pen for football fans, with detail in the shape of a ball. Push-up mechanism, in an eye-catching, two color design. Body in white color, with clip and grip in matching color and in a wide range of tones. Wide printing area and blue ink refill.
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