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Fly Swatter Trax

Fly Swatter Trax - White
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Flycatchers in varied colors with die-cut handle for hanging and large palette with central padding for pad printing.

Blanket Bifrost

Blanket Bifrost - Navy Blue
Blanket 130x160cm in a varied range of bright tones. Polar fleece anti-pilling material of 260g/m2 and with matching color ribbon in soft polyester. Anti-Pilling

Humidifier Paffil

Humidifier Paffil - White
Elegant and decorative air humidifier in an original design ,available in white and blur design. Soft rubber touch and inner white led light. 250ml capacity, with ON/OFF button. Recommended for use in spaces up to 25m2, with 3 spare filters and micro USB power supply cable. Presented in a protective PVC case and inside an attractive design box. 3 Led. 250 ml. 1 Steam Mode. USB Connection. Cable Included

Window Cleaner Turbon

Window Cleaner Turbon
Original glass cleaner with soft cleaning paddle. Ergonomic handle with built-in vaporizer and die-cut for hanging. Cleaning fluid not included. Refillable. Liquid Not Included

Cleaning Set Naibel

Cleaning Set Naibel - White
Folding mini cleaning set with brush and dustpan. With body in bright tones. 2 Accessories

Shoehorn Polisher Wizzel

Shoehorn Polisher Wizzel - White
Shoehorn 2-in-1 in sober colors. With built-in shoe cleaning sponge and cover with screw-on closure.

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Humidifier Trudy

Humidifier Trudy
Elegant and decorative humidifier with LED light. 2 lighting positions and multi color illumination. Offers 2 humidifying presets: continuous mode and interval mode. For use in spaces up to 25m2, with spare filter and USB power cable. Presented in an attractive design box. 1 Led. 200 ml. 2 Steam Modes. USB Connection. Cable Included

Blanket Landak

Blanket Landak
130x160cm blanket in an original red Christmas design with white motifs. In soft and warm polar fleece material of 200g/m2 with antipilling treatment. Presented with silver colored cardboard and matching color ribbon ribbon in soft polyester. Anti-Pilling

Humidifier Festok

Humidifier Festok
Elegant and decorative humidifier in nature line with integrated aromatic difusor. With LED light, 2 lighting positions and multi color illumination. Offers continuous vaporization, with a 130 ml water deposit. For use in spaces up to 25m2, including USB power cable. Presented in an attractive, eco design box. Led Lights. 130 ml. 1 Steam Mode. USB Connection. Cable Included

Sanitizer Doormat Yoner

Sanitizer Doormat Yoner
Two-compartment disinfectant mat. Base made of resistant and durable anti-slip rubber, from recycled materials. With two independent and properly identified areas for disinfection and drying: Disinfection zone for pouring the disinfectant liquid (not included) made of absorbent sponge, with a tank to avoid spilling the liquid and fixings to prevent slipping. Drying area made of resistant felt, with fixings to prevent slipping. Large logo area between the two pad compartments, ideal for pad printing. Reusable and easy to clean after use, with removable mats for an easy cleaning. Assembly instructions included.

Blanket Karovix

Blanket Karovix - Navy Blue
Soft and warm blanket in combination of coral fleece and sherpa materials 440g/m2. With elegant bicolour design and in size 125x160cm. Individual packaging with matching color ribbon and recycled cardboard insert for easy printing.
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