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1 | Preamble

The present general conditions of use are agreed between MBA - Marketing e Brindes, Lda., headquartered at Rua Vilar do Senhor 493, 4455-213 Lavra, with NIF 502 64 0421, Registered Capital of € 500,000, registered at CRC do Porto hereinafter referred to as "MBA" and any person, hereinafter referred to as "user", who browses or makes a budget through this website or any of the MBA's website, such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, among other domains and subdomains that belong to MBA.

Social designation: MBA - Marketing e Brindes, Lda.


2 | Subject matter and scope

The navigation and use of this website is governed by these general conditions of use to the exclusion of any conditions previously available on the website or by prior agreement, expressed and in writing. The prices shown on the website are indicative only and do not constitute a contractual offer. No sales are made through this website, only budget requests that are not binding.

The MBA reserves the right to modify at any time the information and commercial offer presented on: products, prices, promotions, conditions of use, among other information on the website, without the need for any prior notice, You should re-read them each time you visit this website.

The user must carefully read the conditions and policies present on this website and should not access, browse, use or register without agreeing with all the conditions and information that we make available.

Navigation on this website, as well as the submission of forms or requests for quotes, implies acceptance by the user of these General Conditions of Use as well as the information and conditions in Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.


3 | Terms of Use

The user undertakes to use this website in compliance with the provisions of applicable law, refraining from using the website for activities contrary to law, morality and good manners, or rights and interests of third parties.

The website may have links to other websites which may contain useful information for the user. These general conditions will not apply to a third party web site. As such, if you visit another website, redirected from our website, you should read the conditions of use, privacy policy, and other information on the website that you visit.


4 | Product Information

The photographs illustrating the products are merely illustrative, do not enter the contractual field and do not replace any commitment on the part of the MBA. The reproduction of the colors of the products is the closest to reality. On the other hand, with regard to the datasheets and product descriptions of our partners or suppliers, MBA declines all responsibility as to the validity of its content.

Some products may have incorrect specifications or price, which is why the MBA checks the prices whenever it processes budgets and sends the rectified budget for approval by the user, the order becomes effective upon written confirmation by the user.

You should check the details of the product you want to budget if stock exists for budgeting. The existence of the product in stock is only ensured after the MBA receives the request for quotation and confirms with the supplier the existence of stock.

To have in consideration:

› The budget will be canceled if payment is not made within 30 (thirty) working days;

› Budgets made during the weekend and public holidays (national and local) will only be processed on the following business day.

If you want to see or test our products, please contact us to confirm availability in our showroom in Lavra or Parque das Nações.


5 | Price Information

The prices indicated on the website are merely indicative and do not constitute a contractual offer, are presented in Euros and the currency automatically changes through the country of the user.

The price per unit of each type of product without VAT is shown, in addition to the VAT rate in force by law; the price per unit of each type of product with VAT included (excluding products with price subject to consultation).

In the case of sales to companies based in other countries, for more information send us an email or contact your manager.

Prices, images and specifications of products and services are subject to change without notice.

The MBA declines any responsibility for any errors of publication or spelling on the website. In the treatment of your budget and order any price error that may be appearing on the website due to technical anomalies will be detected and the user will be duly contacted and informed. If the price of the product or service presented on the website is actually lower, the difference is returned. If the price is higher the user can accept or cancel the budget and order.


6 | Availability of Products and Services

In case of a stock breakdown of the budgeted item, the user will be advised of the estimated time of delivery, and the order will only be continued after the consent given by the user.

In the event of non-availability, the MBA may provide a good or provide a service to the consumer of equivalent quality and price, provided that such possibility has been provided prior to the execution of the order or in the order itself, in a clear and understandable manner.

In case of absolute unavailability or discontinuance (no longer being manufactured) of the ordered product, the user will be advised in order to enable its replacement by another product and the order will only continue after user consent. As there is usually a price difference, you should choose an item of approximate value, if the value is higher we will have to wait for the transfer of that difference.

In case of absolute unavailability or discontinuation and if you do not want to substitute another product, you can request a refund of the amount paid for the unavailable product.

The articles available on the website have limited stock so they may be unavailable without prior notice.


7 | How to make Budgets?

When browsing the online catalog, you can place budget requests by entering your contact information in the case of a quick budget request (only 1 product) or making a complete budget request (possibility to budget 1 or several products ), add the products you want to the shopping cart and enter your account information (you need to register on the website). You can also change the quantity you want to purchase, recalculate the total value or add the product to your list of recommended (registered users) for later viewing or budgeting. You should follow all steps of the budget so that it can be finalized successfully.

If you are not a registered user, click here to create your account.

To make a budget, we have at your disposal three ways:
› Internet site 24/24h e 7/7 days
› Telephone +351 22 99 82 500
› E-mail [email protected]

When you finalize a quote, you will receive the information regarding the order by email, you can consult all the budgets in your personnel area and a notification is sent to your manager who will follow up with you to see if you want to place an order. If the data is not correct, you can request that it be changed and rectified using the specifications you want, which are not implied in the budget, from 1-color printing, 2-color printing, 4-color printing, among other forms of customization.

Orders are made after budgets have been approved by the user through distance communication techniques, using any means which, without the physical and simultaneous presence of the supplier and the consumer, can be used with a view to concluding the contract between those parties.


8 | Reserved Area

Any user can register on our website to gain access to their reserved area where they can access and change their data, make and consult budgets history and create a list of favorites.

If the user forgets the password that he uses to log in, he may request a new password to be sent to his e-mail address. To do so, click here and you will receive a notification with a new password that you must change at the first access to your reserved area.


9 | Budgets through the Simulator

Products with delivery time less than 30 days include printing: in textile products include a print up to A7 in 1 color (silkscreen or serigraphic transfer) or in four-color (digital transfer) and for the remaining products include a print up to 5cm² using pad printing (1 color), laser (material wear) or UV (1 4 colors). For small orders, up to 20 units, is included 1-color (silkscreen or serigraphic transfer) or four-color (digital transfer) printing up to A4 on textile products and the remaining products a print up to 100 cm2 is included. In glass, ceramic and porcelain products the print included (pad printing, laser or UV) has no resistance to washes in washing machine and abrasive detergents, to obtain a strong print, decal printing is required - price on request.

Full-color printing: Print value included with in-house products. Range of products available here.

Products with a delivery time equal to or greater than 30 days have a minimum order quantity and it is not possible to order only one unit and the printout may not be included (depending on the item).

The value for shipping is free for orders of € 150 + VAT (€ 184,5 VAT inc.) With delivery in Continental Portugal. The use and conditions of the simulator require prepayment by bank transfer to one of our bank accounts.

You can do the simulation online but in any case you will receive a budget with the correct value after receiving the final artwork. If you have any questions, please contact one of our commercials or your commercial manager.


10 | Payment methods

For your convenience, we provide several payment options. You can make the payment of your order in a secure way through ATM, VISA / MasterCard, Bank Transfer or Meo Wallet Balance. See here all the details and go to to make the payment of your order.

The MBA authorizes MEO Wallet to intermediate payments made by the user.


11 | Delivery of Orders

All orders are delivered to the address indicated by the user. Orders are delivered through a transportation company hired by the MBA or you can collect the order at the MBA Headquarters.

With delivery through a carrier it is possible to track your orders through the Internet. The guarantee of sending the orders will only be assured upon and after confirmation of payment, regardless of the form of payment.

Once you receive the confirmation by email of the shipment of your order this should be delivered up to 48h (Continental Portugal). If this is not the case, you should immediately contact our support services. Carrier deliveries are only made at addresses where there is a guarantee that someone will be able to receive the order, otherwise it will be returned at the user's cost. Orders will only be shipped after confirmation of payment.

The MBA can not be held liable in any way for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from delays in deliveries or for the unavailability of the ordered product.


12 | Transport

The user, when awarding a budget, and if the products are in stock, they will be sent after payment to the address provided in the registration, by email or telephone, and will indicate the expected delivery time and shipping cost (if applicable).

For orders under €150 +VAT (€184.5 VAT included), and for Portugal Continental, delivery charges (postage) are the responsibility of the user, and for orders over €150 +VAT (€184, 5 VAT included), the cost of delivery to Portugal is free. Delivery is free in Spain and France on orders over €300 + VAT. This rule does not apply to resale or to the Islands of Portugal, Spain and France, always having an associated delivery cost.

For delivery of orders in the Islands and in other countries, the shipping costs are subject to consultation, are calculated before the formal award, and will be analyzed case by case depending on their weight, volume and destination. For deliveries in other countries the user may be subject to the collection of customs duties in force in the country.

Continental Portugal:

› Orders up to € 150 + VAT (€ 184,5 VAT included) has an addition of € 10 + VAT (€ 12.3 VAT included);

› Orders sent to the collection have the addition of € 10 + VAT (€ 12.3 VAT included).

Spain and France:

› Orders under €300 + VAT the price and transit time will be indicated for each case.

Islands of Portugal, Spain and France:

› Price and transit time will be indicated for each case;

› The charge is higher than the normal delivery cost.

Resale and Orders for Other Countries:

› The resale and delivery in other countries has the added value of the transport of the merchandise regardless of the value of the order;

› Price and transit time will be indicated for each case.


13 | Billing

The invoice is issued and printed on letterhead paper when the order is completed and delivered with the order. You can choose whether you want invoice or simplified invoice.


14 | Claims

If you wish to submit a complaint or request for information, you may contact the MBA directly by registered letter to the abovementioned address or e-mail [email protected] to be able to resolve the subject matter of the complaint as soon as possible. The MBA undertakes to provide a response within a maximum period of 15 working days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

To file a complaint through the Electronic Complaint Book, you must access the Complaint Book portal at and follow the instructions. The Paper Complaints Book is available at the places of attendance to the public.


15 | Warranty

The products marketed by MBA are covered by the legal guarantee scheme, excluding personalized products.

In the case of a defective product, a manufacturing defect or anomalies caused by transport damage, you must send an e-mail to the company within 15 days after receipt of the products and without any use of them with the You can also attach photographs to illustrate the malfunction or damage.

The product will be promptly replaced or the purchase value refunded within a maximum of 30 days from the date of acquaintance. Products that include software must be returned with the packaging not tampered.


16 | Responsibility

The navigation and use of this website is at the sole risk of the user. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the MBA shall not be liable to any user for any loss, damage, damage, cost or expense incurred as a result of using the contents of this website.

The MBA is not liable for damages arising from any computer viruses or other situations that prevent the access and correct functioning of the navigation and the functionalities of the website and services available in it.

The MBA declines any liability in case of violation of the legislation of the country where the order is delivered, the user must verify the conditions of importation and use of the products that he wants to order.


17 | Applicable Legislation

The present general conditions, information on this website and all contracts that may be concluded under it are governed by Portuguese law.


18 | RAL - Resolução Alternativa de Litígios (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

The Alternative Dispute Resolution covers mediation, conciliation and arbitration. It allows the user to resort to official entities to assist in resolving or guiding any conflict before opening a litigation process in a Court. In compliance with the legislation in force, Law no. 144/2015, of 08 September, we inform you that, in the event of a dispute, the user may resort to an Alternative Dispute Resolution:


Rua Damião de Gois, 31 – Loja 6
4050-225 Porto
Telf.:225 508 349 / 225 029 791 / Fax: 225 026 109
E-mail: [email protected] / Web:

The consumer may also use a "online dispute resolution" system (RLL), the ODR ("online dispute resolution"), platform, which has the power to resolve disputes relating to contractual obligations arising from sales contracts or online services .

More information at Portal do Consumidor



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