Why does my cart contain an extra handling cost for purchases called "under limit"?

We do not deal with the production per piece and the costs associated with producing quantities below the limit, taking into account that they exceed the selling price of the goods. Thus, for a very small quantity of parts, a so-called "rate below limit" is automatically added to the shopping cart.

Why can't I just buy 1 piece of my selected product?

You can order an item without printing, but the order must be accompanied by a handling fee. If you are only interested in a sample of merchandise, please contact the sales department. We would be happy to send you a sample during the agreed time.

Why is a price specified for 1 piece when I cannot buy 1 piece?

1 piece can be added to combine orders that already contain other promotional items. For example, you can create a T-shirt order with just one or very few pieces of each color and size. It is also possible to order a single item, but assuming a handling fee.

How do I check the price of a single print for multiple textiles?

It is possible to enter textiles of different sizes, colors, patterns and even markers into an online print budgeter (for promotional textiles). You can calculate the final print price for a wide range of textiles.

Can I buy privately, ie without VAT identification?

Yes. However, you can only choose between products from national warehouses. Products that can be purchased with a VAT number are specified on your products page.