Fitness tools

Exercise Band Nayan

Exercise Band Nayan - Black
Elastic band for fitness routines. Made of highly resistant latex material and available in a wide range of bright finishing colors. Resistance Medium

Exercise Band Mansat

Exercise Band Mansat - White
Elastic rubber for gymnastics and/or relaxation in resistant material. With central pad for printing in a wide range of bright tones.

Arm Sleeves Duttier

Arm Sleeves Duttier - White
Sleeve in resistant and light technical material, made in combination of polyester and elastane. With firm elastic arm support and attractive colors.

Skipping Rope Galtax

Skipping Rope Galtax - Orange
240cm length jumping rope in bright tones and with comfortable, lacquered, wooden handles. Folded presentation.

Mat Nodal

Mat Nodal - Black
Mat for yoga and other leisure activities. In soft PVC material, size 60 x 180 cm. Handles and carry bag included. Available in a wide range of colors.

Body Tape Measure Emir

Body Tape Measure Emir
Body mass meter with 150cm long PVC strap and retractable mechanism. BMI Scales. Tape 150 cm

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Skipping Rope Derix

Skipping Rope Derix - Black
240cm length jumping rope in bright tones and with comfortable, white color handles. Folded presentation.

Tape Measure Siluet

Tape Measure Siluet
180cm luggage strap in resistant polyester and in bright tones. With buckle closure and adjustment accessory. Adjustable Tape 157 cm

Exercise Bands Set Bork

Exercise Bands Set Bork
Set of elastic bands for the most sporty. Includes 3 bands of 30x5 cm, made of resistant TPE material and 3 levels of resistance: light, medium and strong. Presented in a polyester pouch with a drawstring closure and adjustment accessory. 3 Pieces. Resistance Light, Medium and Heavy

Fitness Set Zhiax

Fitness Set Zhiax
Set of elastic banda and jumping rope for the most sporty. Including: 1 band of 25x5 cm made of resistant TPE material and medium resistance 1 x 260 cm jumping rope, with handles in resistant HIPS material with EVA lining. Presented in a polyester pouch with a drawstring closure and a fastening accessory. 2 Pieces. Band Resistance Medium

Exercise Bands Set Stalon

Exercise Bands Set Stalon
Complete set of elastic bands to stay fit outdoors or at home. Including 5 rubber bands in different colours, each one with a different resistance level: Yellow band up to 4.5 kg Blue band up to 6.8 kg Green band up to 9.1 kg Black band up to 11.4 kg Red band up to 13.6 kg Including metal carabiners for a secure fit, 2 non-slip hand grips, door anchor attachment and 2 ankle belts. Presented in an individual bag with drawstring closure and fitting accessory + design box. With user manual in English and Spanish. 11 Pieces. 5 Resistances
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