Bathroom Accessories

Timer Siapax

Timer Siapax - White
2-minute sand timer clock, especially designed to measure tooth brushing time. With adjustable suction cup. 2 Minutes

Toothbrush Veltor

Toothbrush Veltor - White
Toothbrush with a soft touch and striking bicolor design in a wide range of tones. Matching color translucent hood. Foldable

Toothbrush Hyron

Toothbrush Hyron - White
Collapsible toothbrush with soft touch and striking bicolor design in a wide range of tones.

Toothbrush Keko

Toothbrush Keko - Orange
Toothbrush of fun design in varied colors and with a soft touch. With suction cups on the base.

Peg Waky

Peg Waky - White
Towel clip with safety mechanism in a wide range of bright tones.

Set Fident

Set Fident - Green
Set of toothbrush and sand timer clock in bright tones. Includes fun design brush with soft touch and suction cups on the base, and 2 minute sand timer clock. Presented in an individual bag with zipper. Toothbrush and Sand Timer

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Timer Samin

Timer Samin
5-minute, sand timer clock. Minimalist design in white and blue sand, with suction cup in PVC. 5 Minutes

Duck Koldy

Duck Koldy - White
Happy duck in bright finishing PVC. Available in varied colors.

Ears Cleaner Panda

Ears Cleaner Panda
Ear cleanser with LED light. Includes pliers and 2 reusable cleaning pads. Button cell batteries included. 1 Led. 3 Accessories. Button Batteries Included

Toothbrush Korol

Toothbrush Korol
Nature line toothbrush. Made of bamboo, with holder in self material. Presented in an individual, eco design box.

Toothbrush Cleidol

Toothbrush Cleidol
Nature line toothbrush. Made of wheat straw, to encourage the use of natural raw materials and reducing contaminant emissions. With protective pouch.
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